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BDTA – Brčko District Tax Administration, BiH



General IT capacity building and preparing a midterm IT strategy focusing on the modernisation of the current outdated systems and replacing the existing obsolete technical infrastructure.

ZIMRA - Tax Administration Zimbabwe

2019, 2018

IMF RTAC Southern Africa

Developing functional, non functional and technical requirements and preparing the business case and tender documentation for the new Tax IS (2019).


Review of main business processes and Tax IS functions, including electronic filing and payment; key issues and recommendations for improvement and/or replacement of components (2018). 

FRCS - Tax Administration Fiji



Quality review of the New Tax Information System being developed by an external (IT) company.

IRC - Tax Administration PNG



Developing functional, non functional and technical requirements and preparing the business case and tender documentation for the new Tax IS.

Ethiopia Treasury

2019, 2018


Roadmap for launching electronic payments within the public sector; establishing proof of concept, defining the scope and outcomes for a pilot project (2019).


Readiness and feasibility assessment for launching electronic payments within the public sector 82018).

MoF Serbia



Joint IMF/WB work group reviewing the options for modernising the exiting Tax IT, including pros et cons regarding the in-house development vs. procurement and bespoke vs. COTS based Tax IS, to facilitate well-informed decision making.

PRO Tax Administration Macedonia

2018, 2017


As a member of the IMF HQ mission contributing to the revision of the PRO Modernisation Programme, including the conceptual definition of the integrated PFM system (2018).


Defining specific elements and approach towards acquiring new Tax IT system. Introducing the Change Management concept and proposing the way to implement it as a standard business discipline (2017).

GRA - Ghana Revenue Authority



Review of main business processes and Tax IS functions, including electronic filing and payment; key issues and recommendations for improvement and further development. 

ITA – Indirect Taxation Administration, BiH



General BP review; requirements and technical specifications for the new Tax Information System.


Coaching the project implementation teams; preparing PM &QA methodology.


Designing tax e-service subsystem; designing MIS subsystem. 

Tax Administration Montenegro

2017, 2016


Definition of the taxpayer register cleansing project, including comprehensive project plan and delivery plan (2017).


Review of the compliance enforcement related legislation, procedures and data; revision of procedures for taxpayer registration, filing and payment enforcement (2016).

GRS - Georgia Tax Administration




Analysis of the unrefunded credits and developing a plan to reduce the volume of accumulated credits by set-off, write-off or refund as appropriate (2017).


Definition and post implementation assessment of the single taxpayer account, including automated distribution of the paid revenues; coordination of activities between the tax authority and treasury (2014-2016).

Pajak - Indonesia Tax Administration

2015 - 2016

Qualisoft Gmbh

Comprehensive FS for the overall reforming and modernisation of the Indonesian taxation system, including the revision of BPs & procedures and a general overhaul and modernisation of the Tax IS.

Tax Administration Serbia

2013 - 2016


Review of main taxpayer risk management related BPs and available data.


Definition and conceptual design of centralised reporting platform and configurable MIS.


Review and revision of IT Strategy inclusive the concept of disaster recovery arrangements.

GDT - Tax Administration Albania

2012 - 2016


Requirements and technical specifications for the new Tax Information System.

Assistance in negotiating and concluding the contract for the supply of the new Tax Information System.


Coaching the project implementation teams.


Review of the arrears recovery and debt management BPs and procedures, revision of the Debt Management Module in the existing system.

MSTI - Main State Tax Directorate, Moldova

2010 - 2015


As a part of the European Union High Level Policy Advice Mission to the Republic of Moldova (EUHLPAM) advising the Chief of MSTI on medium term reform and modernising programme.

OECS (Saint Lucia)

2010 - 2013


Analysis & collection of requirements and preparation of tender dossier for the acquisition of IT components for e-registration, e-filing and e-payments in four countries.


QA throughout the implementation of e-services in Grenada, Saint Lucia, Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.



Palestinian National Authority

Requirements targeting the establishment of integrated border management, Single Window and integrated revenue collection management.

Tax Administration, Tajikistan

2009 - 2010

Sofreco (France)

Consultative Services on Capacity building for Modern Tax Collection and Capacity Building for Strategic Reform.


Review of main business processes & ICT and preparation of the modernisation strategy.

CIDA, Canada



Preparation of SEMCAR (Supporting Economic Management in the Caribbean) project.


Review of revenue administration IT systems (Tax and Customs) and Public Expenditure IT systems, focusing on a.) functional support to main business processes; b.) integration facilities; and c.) e-services with emphasis on e-filing and e-payment.

MoF of various Caribbean countries

2006 - 2009


Review of the existing revenue collection IT systems (Tax and Customs); defining the scope, contents and prototype of the Risk Assessment model and invoice cross-checking facilities.


Collection of requirements for new taxation system and preparation of strategy for acquisition and implementation.

Federal Customs Service – Russia

2004 - 2005

Sofreco (France) for EU Policy Advice Programme (EU-PAP)

Strategy for aligning the Russian risk analysis approach with the EU Risk Management Model.


Strategy for aligning the Customs procedures between EU and Russian Federation. Focus on NCTS compatible transit system.

MoF Slovak Republic

2004 - 2005

Devoteam Columbi (NL)

Comprehensive IT strategy for the Ministry of Finance.

Tax Directorate, Slovak Republic

2002 - 2004

Danish Ministry of Taxation

Tender dossier for the supply of e-Tax system, supplier selection and QA during the implementation.

MoF Slovenia



Coordination of implementation of the Treasury Single Account and Treasury Single Ledger (TSA & TGL -2 parallel projects).

CURS Customs Administration Slovenia


Berenschot EuroManagement (NL) for EU

Feasibility study & Requirement specifications implementing Excise Duties.

DURS - Tax Administration


1997 - 2005

MoF Slovenia & Danish Ministry of Taxation

General capacity building and readiness assessment for EU Accession.


Tender dossier for the supply of IT technology to support the introduction of VAT and later on e-tax system.


QA assistance during implementation of IT systems.


Business and IT strategy.

Bombardier, Canada



Recovery of mission critical project.


Design, development and implementation of Electronic Text Processing System (ETPS) for commercial aircrafts.

Tax Service Russia

1994 - 1995

Danish Ministry of Taxation

Functional and technical design, development and implementation of a VAT Pilot system.

MoI Cyprus

1993 - 1995

MoI Cyprus

Implementation of an integrated Land Information System (LIS).

MoF Malta

1993 - 1995

MoF Malta

Implementation of VAT system.