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Nothing is more useless than doing efficiently that, which should not be done at all…

(J Satyanarayana; a famous Indian change management practitioner)



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Poor management harms intended business changes more than anything else.


Knowing what and to change and how, but first and foremost why change is required!



Understanding interdependencies amongst changes…







Strategic level

*       Business strategy planning, development & implementation for predominantly public sector.

*       Business Change Management standards and methodology.

*       IT strategy planning, development and implementation for public & private sector.

*       Organisation and HR development.

*       Resource recruitment.


Operational level

*       Implementing Change Management as a standard business discipline.

*       Conducting business analysis, e.g. Cost/benefit (C/B), Return on investment (RoI), Five attribute analysis (FAA), SWOT…

*       Preparing requirement specifications, ToR and complete tender dossier according to various procurement standards.

*       Conducting bid evaluation, supplier selection process and contract negotiation.

*       Performing Integrated Project Management and QA according to iPMQA based on international standards.

*       Conducting contract and supplier management.

*       Preparing and translating technical, legal and administrative documentation.


CSPM Translations

Not an odd combination of services as you might think. Since 1982 our translations have been well reputed for the context conscious, brain processed individuality with no machine monstrosity. For more information, please follow this link.